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Eliminating the Cookie Problem Through AI

“When we first started, we set out to solve a problem we had with our site.  We had 300,000 visitors a month and did not have a clear understanding of what those visitors really wanted.  There was no technology that gave us the information we needed to deliver better content, increase or fully understand what was working and what was not. 

Metricsflow ensures you ‘know’ precisely what combination of ads, content and platforms resonate with visitors leading to conversion.”     –Isaac Adejuwon, CEO

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Who is Metricsflow?

We have spent 2 years developing artificial intelligence to precisely measure the content consumption pathways of client’s online visitors from ad to conversion and across multiple platforms.

We are inspired by clients who now have the ability to accurately measure what ads, content and platforms are producing the desired results.  

We’re a team of engineers, scientists, and marketers who speak in code, breathes content marketing, and sees untapped data everywhere around us.

 Metricsflow Foundational Elements

  • No more cookies and the lost data that disappears when they are removed.
  • No more wondering what content combinations lead to conversion.
  • Better prepared for future personalisation
  • Access to much clearer ABM Data.
  • Tangible improvements in the rest of the martech stack.

With Metricsflow You Will:

We believe in the power of relevant content – for your visitors and your business. Our bottom line is increasing your top-line growth by knowing precisely what ads, content and platforms lead to conversion.

  • Capture 100% anonymous visitor data
  • Know which content represents the top 20% producing the desired conversion.
  • Know precisely what ads lead to content consumption leading to conversion.
  • Clearly see new audience segments based on content consumption.
  • Identify more prospects for your account based marketing efforts.


Metricsflow is a SAAS application developed by Metricsflow founder Isaac Adejuwon, designed to enable companies to accurately learn the thousands of possible content interactions a visitor may have, across multiple platforms, leading to a final conversion.

Metricsflow’s non-cookie Artificial Intelligence solution follows the buyer’s entire intent journey from the first point of content interaction – no matter when or where the conversions take place by applying a unique digital DNA (ID) identifier, capturing 40% more data, more precisely than cookie technology.

Visitors with the unique digital DNA identifier can be identified having interacted with client content across most social media platforms, mobile interactions, client controlled websites email, Pinterest, Instagram, blogs etc. As long as the client provides admin access to the account, Metricsflow can identify the visitor’s content path.

With the ability to accurately and precisely learn thousands of visitor content interactions, clients will learn which combination of content produces the greatest conversion for a particular persona. This data is extraordinarily valuable to those using any of the top CRM systems. We integrate with SalesForce, Infusionsoft and can, through API’s work with most CRM software. Working together, the increased data delivered to the CRM software can be customized to meet very specific client requirements.

The core of the Metricsflow system requires a few lines of code placed on each web page similar to Google Analytics. With access to the admin of the clients various social media sites, we use an API to ensure precision learning of all content on client social media. We work closely with clients to learn exactly how their sales funnel, follow-up, and re-targeting programs are designed to work so the system learns based on the existing expectations.

Clients will then be able to quickly compare their current process and assumptions with precise, accurate and timely data showing exactly how visitors consumed the content leading towards conversion.

Yes! With access to landing pages or squeeze pages, Metricsflow can accurately identify the visitor, and their specific interaction (started to complete the form but did not). If the customer should return in a week, month or the following quarter, clients know the visitor has downloaded various documents, viewed specific videos and finally converted in some form. All of this data can be delivered to the CRM software. If the client provides access to the checkout software, the visitors specific transaction, customer data, and content path is now part of their record. Moving forward, clients will know specifically who the customer is when they interact with content in the future.

In the absence of access to the checkout software, visitor interaction is still learned but the customer data is not included nor transferred to the clients CRM.

No! There are three key reasons why cookies are quickly becoming obsolete and a detriment to marketers’ everywhere.

1. Cookies are generally used to learn visitor interactions in the short term. Cookies are very often cleaned off of visitor computers on a regular basis, resulting in over 40% of visitor data being lost. Metricsflow Digital DNA is not short term and learns across multiple platforms delivering 40% more data.

2. Additionally, cookies are not cross platform, nor mobile friendly, thus do not provide a clear understanding of the visitors total content pathway to conversion.

3. Lastly, cookies introduce inaccuracy in the data process. Those visiting the site who have visited many times, but whose cookies have been removed are seen as first time visitor from an analytics perspective.

Any company who understands that 57% of the purchase decision is complete before a customer calls a vendor. Useful, engaging content is how everyone identifies prospective vendors for products and services they are considering for purchase.

Knowing which content has been consumed by whom and when, empowers marketers to identify which content is non-productive, create new content proven to be relevant to the target persona and focus marketing dollars where it counts.

Organizations that are focused on optimizing the sales funnels and customer interactions will find the precise, timely data to be a huge help in optimizing conversions.

Marketing Use Cases: Your Digital Marketing Accelerated

Complete Attribution: From Ad to Conversion

Marketers that are using organic and paid advertising platforms to attribute specific keywords and display ads to a visitor’s unique ID can follow their content journey to conversion.

Account Based Marketing

Identifying visitors by company and content consumption opens the door to better MAP implementation and effective personalization.

Persona Based Marketing / Segmentation

Knowing what content resonates with specific segments of visitors enables companies to deliver less content that is more effective in driving customer behavior.

Data-Informed Content / Buying Process Funnel Management

Knowing precisely the origin, specific content is consumed, when, and in what order empowers you to deliver content most relevant to specific segments of the visiting public.

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