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Metricsflow: Laser Focus Your Marketing Spend

Precise Analytics

Learn what content works

Ever wonder if your content is really delivering the right message? On Metricsflow you know what content gets results.

Dependable Data

Focus on the right prospects

Focus your valuable resources on the demographics, patterns and characteristics of prospects actually convert.

Machine Learning

Predict future engagement

Leverage the machine learning capabilities of Metricsflow to identify engagement behaviors and generate patterns.

Marketing Use Cases: Your Digital Marketing Accelerated

Data-Informed Content / Buying Process Funnel Management

Knowing precisely the origin, specific content is consumed, when, and in what order empowers you to deliver content most relevant to specific segments of the visiting public.

Complete Attribution: From Ad to Conversion

Marketers that are using organic and paid advertising platforms to attribute specific keywords and display ads to a visitor’s unique ID can follow their content journey to conversion.

Account Based Marketing

Identifying visitors by company and content consumption opens the door to better MAP implementation and effective personalization.

Persona Based Marketing / Segmentation

Knowing what content resonates with specific segments of visitors enables companies to deliver less content that is more effective in driving customer behavior.

Measure the Metrics That Count

Metricsflow makes it easy for companies to learn from visitors through their digital content consumption, and use this knowledge to develop and introduce content that educates, inspires, motivates, empowers, and delivers on the original promise of the Internet for each of their visitors.

Join us in our effort to keep the promise and deliver a superior customer experience for your visitors.

What People Say?

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Blair Connolly -Craig Tucker, Managing Partner, Group M5 -Craig Tucker, Managing Partner, Group M5

“ Metricsflow helps us get actionable insights to our content marketing campaigns. We are able to profile our leads and manage marketing budget effectively ”   – Blair Connolly, VP Sales & Marketing at British Group

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Craig Tucker

“Our customers are in real-time today, the ability for us to ensure that we getting real-time information and data out of theose customers through the content we create is crucial and that poses a challenge for us”   -Craig Tucker, Managing Partner, Group M5