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Nothing is ever placed on a visitors device!

In order to precisely and accurately identify and learn from a visitors content consumption over time, you must be able to continuously track their activity across platforms and devices. 

This is not possible with cookies.  In fact, cookies, by their nature create multiple data silos making it difficult to combine and analyze data.  The cookie problem affects every online marketers data integrity.

Metricsflow has been designed from the ground up to enable digital marketers to clearly understand their visitors’ content journey from paid and unpaid marketing efforts across multiple platforms all the way through to conversion.

Armed with this knowledge, marketers can immediately and precisely apply the new knowledge in ways appropriate to the business problem they are trying to solve.

How It Works!

With Metricsflow, artificial intelligence is applied in place of cookies.  Every visitor to your site or other tracked property is given a unique Digital DNA ID.  Nothing is placed on the visitor’s device.

There are over 40 data points that are measured, compared and pattern matched to accurately identify a specific user.  These data points are in three specific data categories. Hardware, software and behavior.   Every 1/20th of a second, metricsflow compares the data points to establish the unique ID.

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Start Learning Across Platforms And Devices

Metricsflow’s ability to accurately identify a visitor and assign a unique code enables precise visitor tracking across all client content platforms and visitor devices.  It is now possible to learn a specific visitor’s content consumption pathway leading to conversion across platforms and devices.  

For example, you are doing some research on a particular site and view 2-3 pieces of content and leave.  Metricsflow has identified you and assigned a unique ID. Three weeks later you return using your mobile device.  Again, you are given a unique ID as this is a new device not previously identified.  You have two unique IDs in the system.

Now the magic begins.  Within a few pages of your second visit, metricsflow will begin to identify your unique pattern until it realizes that you are the same person that was here three weeks ago.  When the system is 99.9% certain it is you, the two unique IDs become one.

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Immediate Implications

Improved data integrity: With metricsflow precision you reduce the false “new unique visitors”, on which major decisions are being made

Full Attribution: Metricsflow can track activity from social media, keywords, ads, display ads, and content through to conversion enabling companies to more precisely determine campaign ROI

Account Based Marketing: Metricsflow can identify specific visitors, their content consumption and then append user data when the visitor completes a form. You now have a very clear understanding of who is viewing content by company.

Personalisation: Knowing which of the potentially hundreds if not thousands of content pathways lead to conversion enables companies to know which content works best!  Better content improves customer experience.

Ready to Start Understanding You Customers?

Metricsflow makes it easy to implement the AI tool across multiple platforms. For websites, a simple code in the header of all pages, forms and shopping carts is all that is required for learning to begin.

Fill out the form to begin the process of joining out Pilot Program.

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Blair Connolly -Craig Tucker, Managing Partner, Group M5 -Craig Tucker, Managing Partner, Group M5

“ Metricsflow helps us get actionable insights to our content marketing campaigns. We are able to profile our leads and manage marketing budget effectively ”   – Blair Connolly, VP Sales & Marketing at British Group

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Craig Tucker

“Our customers are in real-time today, the ability for us to ensure that we getting real-time information and data out of theose customers through the content we create is crucial and that poses a challenge for us”   -Craig Tucker, Managing Partner, Group M5