How It Works

How it works

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Metricsflow uses artificial intelligence technology

There are over 40 data points that are measured, compared and pattern matched to accurately identify a specific user. These data points are in three specific data categories: hardware, software and behavior. Every 1/20th of a second, Metricsflow compares the data points to establish the unique ID.

Unlike cookie technology, our unique DNA identifier cannot be deleted or blocked. With such verifiable precision, accurate ROI measurement is now possible across platforms and devices. 



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Start Learning Across Platforms And Devices

Usually, two unique IDs are created when your visitor returns to your website using a different device. Within a few pages of their second visit, Metricsflow will identify their unique pattern until it realizes that they are the same visitor. When the system is 99.9% certain it is them, the two unique IDs become one. 

Metricsflow’s ability to accurately capture visitor activity and assign a unique code enables precise learning across all client content platforms and visitor devices. It is now possible to learn a specific visitor’s content consumption pathway leading to conversion across platforms and devices.  


Immediate Implications

  • Improved data integrity: With metricsflow precision you reduce the false “new unique visitors”, on which major decisions are being made
  • Full Attribution: Metricsflow can learn visitor activity from social media, keywords, ads, display ads, and content through to conversion enabling companies to more precisely determine campaign ROI
  • Account Based Marketing: Metricsflow can identify specific visitors within companies, their content consumption and then append user data when the visitor completes a form. You now have a very clear understanding of who is viewing what content by company.  Over time you can establish where visitors are int he sales funnel to deliver appropriate and effective content. 
  • Personalisation: Knowing which of the potentially hundreds if not thousands of content pathways lead to conversion enables companies to know which content works best!  Better content improves customer experience
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