Discover Precisely What Content Drives Your Visitors Passion

Metricsflow unique non-cookie AI technology brings you a new tool in your attribution efforts. Across platform, across device, you now can know exactly which content and ad interactions are catching the attention of your prospects, what their journey is through your content, and what finally makes them want to buy!

Does This Sound Like Your Company?

You’re passionate about optimizing the customer experience through the use of visitor data and top quality content.

Understanding the visitors content consumption journey is every marketer’s goal. Up until now, the data was available, but unreliable and incomplete, leaving businesses like yours unable to say with assurance that what they were doing, was truly working.

Metricsflow looks forward to serving those organizations that fully embrace inbound marketing, data analytics, delivering relevant content and who recognize their dependence on cookies results in incomplete data. We solve that problem.  These are the types of companies that Metricsflow is built to support.

We believe it is critical to have a strong foundation of quality data and the ability to precisely attribute actions with specific visitors/customers, to determine ROI. Segment data for use in ABM applications.  Use machine learning to understand visitor content consumption leading to conversion to deliver a better customer experience through personalized, timely content.

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Metricsflow: Laser Focus Your Marketing Spend

Precise Analytics

Learn what content works

Ever wonder if your content is really delivering the right message? On Metricsflow you know what content gets results.

Dependable Data

Focus on the right prospects

Focus your valuable resources on the demographics, patterns and characteristics of prospects actually convert.

Machine Learning

Predict future engagement

Leverage the machine learning capabilities of Metricsflow to identify engagement behaviors and generate patterns.

Marketing Use Cases: Your Digital Marketing Accelerated

Lead Nurturing

Vast amounts of data, analyzed every 1/2th of a second with key knowledge delivered directly to the company’s CRM system for sales and automated follow-up.

Persona Based Marketing / Segmentation

Knowing what content resonates with specific segments of visitors enables companies to deliver less content that is more effective in driving customer behavior.

Account Based Marketing

Identifying visitors by company and content consumption opens the door to better MAP implementation and effective personalization.

Data-Informed Content / Buying Process Funnel Management

Knowing precisely the origin, specific content is consumed, when, and in what order empowers you to deliver content most relevant to specific segments of the visiting public.

Are you Ready to Try an Exclusive No Obligation FREE Pilot Program?

Our goal is to make it easy for companies to learn from visitors’ digital content consumption and use this knowledge to develop and deploy content that educates, inspires, motivates, and empowers visitors. Our pilot program partners will have exclusive first use of this technology as the apply our AI and machine learning services to precisely track and deliver results for their digital marketing efforts.

What People Say?

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Blair Connolly -Craig Tucker, Managing Partner, Group M5 -Craig Tucker, Managing Partner, Group M5

“ Metricsflow helps us get actionable insights to our content marketing campaigns. We are able to profile our leads and manage marketing budget effectively ”   – Blair Connolly, VP Sales & Marketing at British Group

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Craig Tucker

“Our customers are in real-time today, the ability for us to ensure that we getting real-time information and data out of theose customers through the content we create is crucial and that poses a challenge for us”   -Craig Tucker, Managing Partner, Group M5