Lead Nurturing through Content Marketing

Lead Nurturing through Content Marketing

For a Content Marketer, it’s all about lead nurturing and conversions. In 2017, and in the previous decade, the traditional approach of advertising your products and services just isn’t as effective as it used to be. To captivate their customers, marketers have a new weapon: content marketing.

What is content marketing?

The Content Marketing Institute defines it as, “a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

So instead of just selling, you need to provide meaningful and relevant content to potential customers.

The aim of content marketing is to build a database of information provided by consumers – often exchanged for content. This marketing strategy is called Lead Generation.

The importance of lead generation can be simplified into three main points:

  • It can help improve your lead conversions over time
  • Increasing leads can increase sales opportunities by up to 30%
  • Lead nurturing can help you build a relationship of trust with your economic buyer

Here’s a few lead-nurturing tactics that are useful for your business.

Involve Sales

The ultimate goal of any lead consolidation program is to generate sales and focus on opportunities that are in the sales funnel. Sales must be involved in this program so they are given information about potential customers and content. When they are involved, they can call prospects based on the information they are given. Ultimately, this helps build solid relationships with prospects.

Create Databases

Organize a program to clean and update databases. With the information gathered over the years through leads, a solid and useful database can be built. This is definitely tedious but it is worth it.

Re-use Existing Content

Make use of existing content, but add something new to attract the customer. It could be a white paper or an eBook. For example, you could add a video to an existing eBook that peaks the prospect’s interest.

Use Third-party Content

Watch what your customers read! Get an idea of ​​their interests. Third-party content can be a good resource for your lead-building strategy.

Send Emails

If a client has filled out a form on your website, they are expecting an email from you. Send an email with a promotional offer or discount.

Use Social Media

You can submit a request to connect through Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Through these platforms, you can communicate frequently and also establish an informal relationship. Use social media planning tools like HeyOrca to plan your content.

Send Event Invitations

If you have a networking event or an online seminar, invite your prospects. This will bring you face-to-face with them and presents a perfect opportunity to discuss your business.

These are some proven tactics for lead nurturing. Make sure you have a plan in place before you start working on these tactics. You will find that planning goes a long way in nurturing and improving your leadership. You should invest time to measure and refine your lead tactics to ensure that the highest quality leads are delivered to the sales team.

This is a lot to absorb, especially for content marketers who are still new to the art of lead generation or nurturing. The truth is that it can be tedious and a lot to work.

Metricsflow provides a solution for this. With Metricsflow you have a well-guided analytics tool to work with and take your lead game to the next level.

Metricsflow makes it possible to measure content marketing effectiveness by tracking the performance of every piece of content and tracking leads from the first point of interaction with content to when they convert. With Metricsflow, you can track the entire buyer’s journey before and after they convert, without the use of cookies.

Check out Metricsflow and try it out today!


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