AI in Marketing Case Study

One of our clients, a large financial software company whose products are used by over 1600 banks and credit unions across North America, recently launched our Metricsflow AI in Marketing product. Due to the lack of insight caused by cookie technology, the company was missing 40% of data, lacking content consumption insights, and experiencing a 77% leads anonymity on their CRM.  Here is their story.

Business Characteristics

  • Type: Financial Software
  • Geographical Coverage: National
  • Target Audience: Large Organizations
  • Value Proposition: Industry leading, cloud-based fraud detection and anti-money laundering software provider.

Business Overview

A large financial software company is an industry leading, cloud-based fraud detection and anti-money laundering solution. Their software is in over 1600 banks and credit unions across North America.

The Challenges

Missing Opportunities with Cookies Tracking Solutions

A large financial software company runs a robust content marketing operation through their website and blog. After finding out that 40% of their qualified leads delete cookies, the client realized that they were missing out on huge opportunities to learn and gather more qualified leads.

Opportunities were lost because they use cookies technology. Their lead nurturing and demand generation process relied on the data from their users’ activities, so gaining more actionable information would have a positive impact on our sales process.

Lack of Actionable Data to Optimize Content

The software company’s marketing team produces consistent and valuable content for their audience. But questions such as, “is this what the readers would enjoy?” and “which piece of content is effective in converting visitors?” and “how much does content marketing meaningfully contribute to our growth?” remained unanswered.

Anonymous Leads in CRMs

The Company developed an in-house cookie tracking solution that tracks prospects activities and stores the information in their Salesforce CRM. However, they were experiencing a whooping 77% anonymity.

They had about 77% anonymity in our CRM caused by two main reasons. Firstly, users that delete cookies return as new users, causing duplicates in their CRM and single visitor activities that could not be correlated. Secondly, activities of prospects that visited their website without going through their marketing automation channel could not be correlated, which again create anonymity in their CRM.


Complete Marketing Analytics with Metricsflow

Complete and Actionable Data

Using the Metricsflow application the software company was able to gather data they previously could not with their in-house tools. Metricsflow provided complete and actionable data for all of their visitors’ content engagement activities and conversion journeys – including previously anonymous visitors.

Optimize and Connect Conversions to Content

By clarifying the impact of each post and the learning about the types of visitors who were attracted to certain content categories, Metricsflow sought to allow this company’s marketing team to create better (higher converting) content. The data for content engagement would also allow their sales team to learn which content converted visitors to leads, which would enlarge sales pipelines and increase revenue. This would come from allowing them to pick up where the visitors left off in their purchasing process to create meaningful connections and guide prospects more precisely and effectively to conversion.

Seamless CRM Integration

The software company synced Metricsflow with their CRM to capture leads AND information about those leads’ activities. The automated process combined with Metricsflow’s proprietary no-cookies tracking technology means that there were zero missing leads,


  • 100% of anonymous leads captured.
  • 40% more actionable data.
  • 77% more CRM data.

Excited about what they experienced, here is what the client had to say about the Metricsflow AI in Marketing program:

“We used Metricsflow to run 3 test cases and compared it with results from a 3rd party tool Pardot and our in-house built solution.  In all 3 cases Metricsflow results were outstanding.

Firstly, we tested activities of users that used sophisticated tools to block cookies and tacking tools.  Metricsflow tracked 100% of such users while we could not record any activities from our current tools.

Secondly, we tested for users that converted from multiple devices. We had some activities but recovered 40% more actionable data from Metricsflow.

Thirdly, we test for users that deleted their cooked contributing to 77% anonymity in our CRM.  Metricsflow connected all the dots while we could not with our current tracking solution. Metrcisflow revealed all our content conversion points for our sales pipeline.”

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