Engaging Buyers with Relevant and Compelling Content Requires a Deep Understanding of the Customer Journey

Content is clearly established as the fuel that drives engagement and brand preference in most B2B markets, with nine in 10 buyers saying the vendor they chose provided a better mix of content to help them through each stage of research and decision-making processes.

Cookies are Obsolete

Whatever tools you may use for CRM, MAP, and analysis, the vast majority of your data comes from various cookies across multiple platforms.  As a result, you immediately have to manage multiple data silos, and accept a significant amount of data is lost due to blocked or erased cookies.

This lack of insight caused by cookie technology can cost you significant valuable marketing dollars due to inaccurate used to make marketing decisions.

Unlike cookie technology, Metricsflow’s unique DNA identifier cannot be deleted or blocked. As a result, up to 40% more data is collected from the same visitor volume. Immediately.

The machine learning then uses aggregate identifiers’ engagement behaviors to generate patterns, which describe segments (personas) with deep insight into channels, platforms and the effectiveness of every piece of content from ad to conversion.

Marketing Attribution

Today, Metricsflow enables users of paid advertising platforms to attribute specific keywords and display ads to a visitor’s unique ID and then digitally follow their content journey to conversion.

Easily implemented, this capability immediately allows digital marketers to see what combination of ads, keywords, channels, platforms and content produce the greatest conversion. Armed with this knowledge, you can focus ad dollars and content development efforts in the most effective manner.

Customer Experience

Clearly understanding visitor content consumption behavior helps align Sales and Marketing Strategy.  Content is at the core of your digital presence. Knowing precisely the origin, specific content consumed, when and in what order a visitor consumed your content, will empower you to quickly understand what content is most relevant to specific segments of the visiting public.

Consistently, the data shows that the 80/20 rule applies to content consumption, where 20% of the content is directly related to visitor conversion and engagement. Knowing which 20% is most effective enables the creation of more relevant and effective content and improving the visitor or customer experience.

Marsha Finkelstein, Director, Demand Generation

“Using clicks and form fills doesn’t get to the ROI part of the equation. If you put a cute puppy on an ad you’ll get lots of clicks, but they won’t make it anywhere close to pipeline.”

Account Based Marketing With Precision Targeting at Scale

Through the use of the metricsflow AI technology, precise identification of unique visitors enables marketers to bring a high degree of personalization to many accounts at once.  Working with the clients sales department we identify the target accounts, setup the triggers within metricsflow to update the CRM system.

The system also learns over time and recommends content paths for segments and individuals. These insights can be delivered through the dashboard, reports, or through API integration with your CRM or MAP systems, so there is automation in the sales and marketing process management.

Why You Should Choose Metricsflow

We are a

Technology Improvement

The proprietary AI technology collects information to create a unique identity that can be recognized cross-device and cross-platform.

Learning is

Automatic and Not Manual

AI and machine learning capture huge amounts of data, but our objective is to deliver actionable knowledge.

Easy to

Act on Learning

The Metricsflow platform enables marketers to explore data and to have specific actionable reports that deliver information based on your Use Case priorities.

Ready to learn the content path through various channels, platforms and devices?

Finally provide the right content to the right persona at the right time in the right way.

What People Say?

Blair Connolly -Craig Tucker, Managing Partner, Group M5 -Craig Tucker, Managing Partner, Group M5

“ Metricsflow helps us get actionable insights to our content marketing campaigns. We are able to profile our leads and manage marketing budget effectively ”   – Blair Connolly, VP Sales & Marketing at British Group

Craig Tucker

“Our customers are in real-time today, the ability for us to ensure that we getting real-time information and data out of theose customers through the content we create is crucial and that poses a challenge for us”   -Craig Tucker, Managing Partner, Group M5