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Chad Stinson
We have a passion for our clients' true results and a pragmatic drive for action that starts Monday morning 8am and doesn't let up.
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“ Metricsflow helps us get actionable insights to our content marketing campaigns. We are able to profile our leads and…

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Blair Connolly -Craig Tucker, Managing Partner, Group M5 -Craig Tucker, Managing Partner, Group M5

“Our customers are in real-time today, the ability for us to ensure that we getting real-time information and data out…

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Craig Tucker
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Blue Wave Marketing Collaborates with Metricsflow, Delivering Solution to the Cookie Problem, Precise Attribution

Blue Wave Marketing has generated over 6.5 million sales for 150+ clients including Siemens, ADP, Lockheed Martin, Fidelity Investments and…
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Metricsflow 1 of 3 “Most Promising Startup” Finalist

Metricsflow, a Canadian martech company that is using AI to eliminate the cookie problem , has been named one of…
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Smart Brands Build Trust Through Data Privacy Protection

The advent of GDPR and fallout from the disclosure earlier this year that Facebook provided access to 90 million member…
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