What Do CMOs Want to Learn?

What Do CMOs Want to Learn?

Change is coming fast in the world of digital marketing. There are a few things we now know to be true in the that weren’t true a few years ago. And marketers are still catching up to this changing reality.

One big change is that we know AI now enables us to eliminate the “the cookie problem” which negatively affects company’s overall data integrity. AI is replacing the “vanity metrics” that cookies generate with a true understanding of the consumer purchase journey, yielding genuine insights rather than superficial connections.

AI Has Already Changed the Game

Over the past two years we have shown it’s possible to precisely identify unique visitor content pathways over time and dramatically improve visitor data integrity over third-party cookies by as much as 40%.

Through the use of AI technology, we can identify a visitor based on 40 data points unique to each individual, and assign a unique digital DNA identifier to that user, a method that has demonstrated near 100%accuracy. The same process is applied across users’ devices over time to connect the individual with devices and platforms using machine learning and pattern matching.

This precise individual tracking enables full attribution from keyword, ads, and content through conversion. Now companies can learn what combination of content drives a desired action, by persona.

The powerful predictive capabilities inherent in machine learning over time can accurately predict the success of a particular campaign.
Capturing this huge volume of data made possible by all of the AI-driven developments listed above is only one step toward the ultimate goal of delivering actionable knowledge to CMOs.

So CMO, What Do You Want to Know?

What we still need to understand is, what do CMOs need to know to make smart decisions about what kind of content they develop, how they allocate their ad spend, identify new market segments, improve customer experience?

Metricsflow wants to learn what marketing leaders need to know so we can better understand what data to extract from their visitor interactions.

With your input we can demonstrate what is working by platform, which campaigns are producing the desired results and why. We will be able to show which ads and keywords are driving activity and understand over time how those ads ultimately affected total conversion.

We are working with qualified companies who want to learn visitor intent to effectively improve customer experience, conversion and execute ad spend effectively.

Attention CMOs and marketing VPs. What information do you want to know that you can’t access today? Let us know and we can begin to identify how to show you the information you visitors are telling you.

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