Cookieless Analytics for Enterprise Marketing Teams

AI Powered Analytics that never get blocked or deleted, so you can understand your customers, fix data integrity, determine attribution, and make data-driven decisions with confidence.
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40% of visitor data is lost every day through cookies
capture 100% of visitor sessions

Privacy is our
#1 priority

Metricsflow only tracks users on your own platform, not across the web. Our cookieless tracking technology is not a "work around" solution for privacy laws. Websites with our tracker will never feed into ad networks or get shared with any 3rd parties.

  • GDPR Compliant

  • Data Not For Resale

  • Private Cloud

how metricsflow works

Simplify your metrics with this easy 3-step process

Integrate Metricsflow to your website

With just 7 lines of java script, Metricsflow's tracking code can be easily integrated into any platform - no IT team needed!

Install Metricsflow to your Salesforce CRM

Through your Salesforce CRM, you can easily access the Metricsflow platform with just a few clicks.

Get simple and actionable metrics about your visitors

Start learning about your visitors right away through Metricsflow's customizable, easy to read dashboards.


The metricsflow process

Metricsflow makes your data accessible and actionable

Integrate with Salesforce

Works seamlessly with your marketing automation tool and current workflow.

Track customers in real time

See immediate results and produce up-to-date reports at the speed you need it.

Customize your reports

Make critical business decisions with customizable reports without relying on IT or developers.

Built for ease of use

Our non-stick AI technology learns customer behaviour without placing anything on a user's device. Metricsflow achieves customer learning by creating a unique identity that can be recognized cross-device and cross-platform.

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