We aren’t generating any cookies on our website. Do we need to start doing so?
I’m having trouble finding the Metricsflow application on AppExchange. Where can I access the installation link?
Metricsflow has given us two code snippets for tracking. What do I add? Short answer: both (maybe)!
What is the difference between a ‘Cookie Value’ & an ‘ID Value?’
How do I find my company’s Cookie ID?
What level of synchronization with our Salesforce is required? Most importantly, I want to ensure we have a secure connection so that our customers' PII stays accessible only internally.
Can I implement the Cookie Tracking Code on a Wordpress Site?
We generate multiple types of cookies. What types of cookies does Metricsflow need to account for?
We have multiple web properties, do we need different tracking codes for each?
Where should I be adding your JS code to our website?
We use Google Tag Manager to manage tracking codes. Can we use that to install the Metricsflow tracking code?
Does the Metricsflow Salesforce product use API calls in Salesforce?
I’m getting the error “Token Expired” “Authorization Error, Please check your permission settings.”, how do I fix this?
Does Metricsflow work on Salesforce Classic?

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