Cookieless is the future. Metricflow’s Vision.

August 27, 2021

The title of this page seems absurd, but I can explain. It all started when I was reading an article about a startup company called Metricsflow. Isaac Adejuwon, founder and CEO of Metricsflow caught my attention as a fellow international student. His company emphasizes data privacy by providing a “cookieless” solution to marketers through it’s analytics platform.

What's a cookie?

Cookies are small blocks of data created by a web server and stored in a user’s device. Unique to each user, data stored can be anything from user settings, shopping habits, search history, metadata, etc.

Data stored in cookies can enhance the browsing experience by providing convenient and tailored content for the user. However, cookies have caused major privacy concerns, as search engines and advertising platforms use stored information to deliver targeted ads. Metricsflow promises a cookieless solution that prioritizes user privacy and a robust platform for marketers.

Metricsflow's vision

Google plans to ditch third-party cookies by 2023. Metricsflow wants to be an alternative for companies that rely on third-party cookies and need a way to track visitor insights. Furthermore, according to Metricsflow, companies lose roughly 40% of their visitor data through cookies. Metricsflow claims to collect 100% of visitor data and make it easily accessible for sales and marketing teams. The company also assures marketers that user data is not sold to third parties or ad networks.

My thoughts

Remember when Apple ditched flash support for HTML5 and everyone thought it was crazy. Flash is now a thing of the past and on life support, because the alternative provided better efficiency and performance. Cookies might face a similar threat in the future, as more people have privacy concerns and new cookieless solutions show up. Companies that use cookieless solutions will be seen as “privacy advocates” and progressive. In addition, cookies are famous for losing data and marketers will prefer alternatives that are more efficient. Who knows, cookieless might be the future.


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