Local Startups Innovate Using Artificial Intelligence

April 28, 2021

Creatros Technologies and Metricsflow are two Newfoundland and Labrador startups using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to tackle challenging business problems with support from the Provincial Government.

Currently in the final year of the Genesis Enterprise Program, Creatros Technologies has a unique AI powered product that optimizes a company’s operations by putting key information at a decision-maker’s fingertips. SkillsHawk is a searchable tool that tracks an employee’s skills in real time, allowing team leaders to find the best person available to complete a task. Comparable to a Google search inside a project management system, SkillsHawk makes decisions easier for companies looking to hire. A non-repayable contribution of $27,843 from the Provincial Government will help the company with market development and promotion for this technology.

Metricsflow is another Genesis client using innovative AI skills to revolutionize how companies track internet data in a privacy friendly way. According to the company, traditional methods cause companies to lose an average of 40 per cent of this tracked data, while Metricsflow’s unique solution allows marketers to track analytics, performance and attribution without the use of cookies. Using its innovative AI capabilities, Metricflow’s clients receive 100 per cent of visitor data including information on user behavior and what type of channels are being utilized. The Provincial Government contributed a non-repayable contribution of $15,795 to Metricflow for several marketing initiatives, including attendance at global virtual trade show.

In a sector not bound by borders or geography, the estimated value of Newfoundland and Labrador’s tech sector is $1.6 billion, with approximately 165 companies and 4,000 employees. Over the next three years, the tech sector is expected to create over 2,000 more jobs in the province.

The continued success of the Genesis Enterprise Program has helped to strengthen and diversify Newfoundland and Labrador tech companies. To date, clients and graduates of the program have raised more than $615 million in private investment, and have created more than 1,700 jobs. Genesis Enterprise Program companies are generating in excess of $200 million in revenues annually, and are all headquartered in Newfoundland and Labrador.

“There is world-class talent in our province. Our technology companies, including Creatros Technolgoies and Metricsflow, are innovating to solve universal challenges and are poised to successfully compete in global markets.”
Honourable Andrew Parsons
Minister of Industry, Energy and Technology

“Creatros has recently launched its software which is now commercially available for its end users to subscribe online. The support from the Department of Industry, Energy and Technology is perfectly timed, allowing us to utilize it for business development and helping to promote our product to larger markets through various marketing campaigns.”
Arifusalam Shaikh
Chief Executive Officer, Creatros

“Metricsflow has launched a new attribution solution on Salesforce that helps marketing and sales teams to build a new kind of relationship with their customers. Our solution is helping to protect the privacy of users online by leading with privacy-first practices. The Department of Industry, Energy and Technology is helping to position Metricsflow as an industry leading technology and supporting our go-to-market strategy.”
Isaac Adejuwon
Chief Executive Officer, Metricsflow

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