Metricsflow's Cookieless Analytics Platform Backed by Silicon Valley VC Firm

June 28, 2021

Local tech company Metricsflow recently backed by Silicon Valley-based VC fund GoAhead in push towards a more privacy-friendly user experience on the web.

ST. JOHN’S, Newfoundland and Labrador — Newfoundland-based tech startup Metricsflow today announced an investment from GoAhead Ventures, out of Silicon Valley. The recent backing by GoAhead is to strengthen the company’s cookieless analytics platform. The startup previously raised a round of financing in 2020. Metricsflow has also partnered with Salesforce and is available on Salesforce’s AppExchange, the leading enterprise cloud marketplace.

Metricsflow is an analytics platform that provides 100% of online visitor data to companies without the use of cookies. Most companies lose between 40-70% of data on average due to visitors blocking and deleting cookies. Cookies are used to track visitors and what they do online, and then serve those visitors targeted ads as they move across the web. Metricsflow’s platform is leading the way for a cookieless future that builds a relationship of trust between companies and their customers, one where visitors get to choose which websites, they share their information with.

This is even more relevant now that Google has announced that cookies will be phased out in the coming years. This means that marketers will have to find new and innovative ways to reach their customers. Metricsflow’s platform gives marketers the ability to understand how effective their channels and campaigns are so that they can ensure they are optimizing their marketing efforts.

“We are thrilled to be backed by GoAhead to speed up the deployment of our solution to customers. We are paving the way for a cookieless world for our customers. The future of web tracking is at risk if cookies are not replaced with a smart privacy-first attribution solution. Digital marketers globally experience data attribution problems every day and Metricsflow exists to solve this complex problem for them. – Isaac Adejuwon, CEO & Founder, Metricsflow.”

Phil Brady from GoAhead Ventures led the funding round.

“We are excited to be backing Metricsflow’s mission to provide a privacy-friendly cookieless solution for digital marketing teams globally. We were highly impressed by the team’s execution and their approach to solving such a complex problem for their customers. – Phil Brady, Managing Partner, GoAhead Ventures.”

Metricsflow is leading the way for cookieless attribution and analytics for marketers. With Metricsflow, marketers will feel confident that they aren’t missing out on any visitor data, that they are getting deeper insights into these visitors than traditional cookies offer, and that they are at the forefront of data privacy.

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